Pershore Jazz

Jayne’s creative and imaginative personality resulted in her inspiration for there to be a Jazz Festival in her own town of Pershore. She went to a town council meeting in 1999 and asked if this would be looked upon favourably as a way to promote the town and jazz music at the same time. Raising over £10,000 in grants, cash and sponsorship she enabled the jazz festival to be a free to all festival with all the events based in the town’s pubs, restaurants, hotel  and Abbey. This festival continues to the present.

Jayne prefers to play and sing within the context of the smaller group, which can give a freer rein to her musical personality. Her own band, The Jayne Steele Quintet, gives constant excellent examples of this and perform for corporate events, large and small private functions, jazz festivals, in marquees, castles, restaurants, hotels, on boats and barges, in village halls and in Birmingham Symphony Hall. She frequently works with the Dutch Lewis Broadband, which makes huge demands upon this female vocalist with its ever-expanding repertoire of over 1000 songs. The songs; she makes them her own.